Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Two days ago, my entire family got that 24-hour stomach bug that's been going around. I spent most of the day yesterday in bed; I'm finally back on my feet this morning cleaning cages I would have gotten to yesterday if I hadn't been puking nonstop. Fortunately, Poppy did not decide to have her babies while we were all sick. She's getting really huge and you can see the pups moving around, which is kind of creepy.
With pups arriving soon, and with Baco and Pinot's return, I can no longer take in anymore guinea pigs unless I adopt some out. At this point I have 30 adults here, plus five more adults in foster care. In case anyone is wondering, we have what I call the "pigpen," which is a room we created just for the guinea pigs. My husband built custom shelves for the smaller cages; the large C&C cages are on the floor, and the linoleum makes it easy to clean up. There are a few cages that have spilled into my dining room, so I have fleece in most of them to avoid getting shavings all over my floor (which is hardwood..again, easy to sweep up). I also have my pug, Gus, who is more than happy to chomp up any stray "jellybeans" should he find any!
In addition, Prescott's cage has been moved into the TV room, on a desk by the picture window. Not only does he have a nice view, but he can watch TV with us!

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