Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Wanted to say a special thanks to someone who came by the other day while I was out, and my husband didn't catch her name..anyway, she brought us one large and one medium Marchioro cage, plus LOTS of water bottles, dishes, and a bag of food. Rocky and Olive have been moved into the larger cage so they have more space. We also removed the barrier in the largest cage and AJ is slowly assimilating with the four other girls.
I will be out of town for a few days and will probably not update the site until after I return; Ryan is in charge of the piggies over Thanksgiving. Thank you to everyone who has been generous to us this year and over the past few years..we always greatly appreciate ANY donation we receive! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Tulip was adopted Saturday, so we put Aunt Jemima in with the brats as there was more space. Unfortunately, AJ and Jeana really don't get along, so I put a divider in the cage. They can see and smell each other without anyone getting hurt, and AJ is with Pudding so she can get used to having a companion. After Thanksgiving, we'll remove the barrier and see how things go.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Adoption Events

Over the weekend we attended two adoption events, one at Tractor Supply in Clay (which brought in just enough money to buy pellets before we left) and one in Oswego. Both had fairly low attendance, but we are hoping we got more word out about our rescue, and one person was interested in getting her daughter a guinea pig for Christmas. We took Aunt Jemima, Rocky and Olive with us. They got a lot of attention from the kids that showed up!
Sadly, also over the weekend, Rodney, our albino abby who lived with Buttons the texel, passed away, most likely from old age. Many of our guinea pigs have been with us since even before we started the rescue/adoption program, so they are pushing 5-6 at this point. This has already been a sad year (we've lost 11 to age or sickness), but I'm afraid more of our old-timers will be leaving us soon.
In the meantime, I am unemployed again and my husband is laid off for at least the next three weeks. If anyone is interested in donating even a small amount, please hit the button in the left hand column. It goes securely into my PayPal account, and can then be transferred to my regular bank account. Donations go toward pellets, bedding, produce, and possibly Christmas treats if we have enough.