Friday, September 30, 2011

New Piggies! Aunt Jemima and Babies

Went to Central Square this afternoon to get a mom and three babies, who will be a week old tomorrow. Long story, but there is the chance the mom and/or the other females I couldn't take may be pregnant (a mom guinea pig can get pregnant again RIGHT AFTER giving birth). The family is settling in, getting lots to eat..they are all in good shape but the babies must stay with momma at least two more weeks before they will be available for adoption. By then, we will also know which are boys and girls!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Adopted...Brandon and Zippy

I have been so behind in the blog that I don't even remember if I posted these guys, but they went to their new home tonight. We had expected the family to take the four "Brats" but they felt that four guinea pigs would be too many, and the daughter fell in love with the boys. The cage had to be disassembled to fit in the car but they are in a great new home!
Fortunately, no one has passed in the last two weeks. We did take in three 4-week old babies, one female and two males..the female has already gone on to her new home, and the boys are leaving in the next few days to be companions for other guinea pigs.
Because of the recent adoptions, I was able to call someone on my "waiting list" and tell them that I could take four of their group of 8 guinea pigs. On Friday, I am picking up a mom and three babies, who will be 6 days old. They will remain with the mom for at least two more weeks, and will then be available for adoption as well. Another person called to see if I could take two females, but I had to turn her down for now..we only have room for so many!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

RIP Jabby...More Guinea Pigs Arriving

Jabby died Tuesday night, very peacefully. We buried him in a little wooden coffin with some flowers.
We are getting Natasha, Olive, and Rocky this weekend as their owner is very allergic to their bedding and does not feel she has the time to care for them properly. I believe Rocky is about four years old, which is pushing it a bit for a guinea pig, but I will still list all three as available for adoption if anyone is interested.
We will be at Home Depot on Route 11 on Saturday, Oct. 1 from 10-2 as part of an event that is including rescues, hoping to get them some publicity. You can come pick up one or more of our new business cards, and possibly take home a furry friend! I will have applications available; you will need vet and personal references (the vet reference is just the name/number of a vet who can care for your guinea pig if it does get sick or injured).

Monday, September 12, 2011

September Update

We received two donations today via our button on this site; one is particularly generous, and before I transfer the funds into my bank account, I'm waiting to hear back from the donor to verify the amount. We have never had a donation over $25 so I want to make sure it was not a mistake! If not, then part of it will go toward our vet bill, and the rest will be used for food and bedding later in the week.
Sadly, we are about to lose another guinea pig to old age. Jabby is about 4-5 and is a lilac Peruvian male with red eyes; he was horribly neglected before he arrived here and was extremely fearful. It took many months to get him to come around to people. We eventually gave him a friend, another Peruvian named Giorgio, who passed about two years ago. Jabby was not my first Peruvian, but one of my favorites and one of the most beautiful, and he truly turned me on to that particular breed. He stopped eating produce over the last two days, and when I took him out for grooming I noticed that he had lost weight. I cleaned his cage, gave him a brush and trim, and he is resting comfortably in his cage. He wouldn't even eat the dandelion leaves I offered, so I know the time is coming soon. Jabby will be sorely missed.