Monday, September 12, 2011

September Update

We received two donations today via our button on this site; one is particularly generous, and before I transfer the funds into my bank account, I'm waiting to hear back from the donor to verify the amount. We have never had a donation over $25 so I want to make sure it was not a mistake! If not, then part of it will go toward our vet bill, and the rest will be used for food and bedding later in the week.
Sadly, we are about to lose another guinea pig to old age. Jabby is about 4-5 and is a lilac Peruvian male with red eyes; he was horribly neglected before he arrived here and was extremely fearful. It took many months to get him to come around to people. We eventually gave him a friend, another Peruvian named Giorgio, who passed about two years ago. Jabby was not my first Peruvian, but one of my favorites and one of the most beautiful, and he truly turned me on to that particular breed. He stopped eating produce over the last two days, and when I took him out for grooming I noticed that he had lost weight. I cleaned his cage, gave him a brush and trim, and he is resting comfortably in his cage. He wouldn't even eat the dandelion leaves I offered, so I know the time is coming soon. Jabby will be sorely missed.

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