Wednesday, April 27, 2011

At Capacity

I just saw that Mary Green of CNY Piggies has written that she is full, and so are we. I've had two people call in the last two days asking me to take 3 guinea pigs, and I've unfortunately had to say no. I also removed my ad from Craigslist; I thought I would be able to take in more, but I received the two females and now I have no space for anyone new. I hate telling people no but I do have to know my limits.
Right now my only adoptable is Jeana; I had thought of adopting out Jazz but she is really neurotic and jumpy and would probably not make a good pet, especially for a child. I have a hard time grooming her as well. She's really cute though and I'm glad we will be keeping her.
So, if anyone out there would be interested in starting up their own guinea pig rescue, or at least fostering in this area, please let me know. Mary and I both have lots of info and could help someone get started and provide support along the way. The guinea pigs need your help!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

I've been mega-lazy about putting new pictures on here but I just wanted to get a post up and wish everyone a happy Easter. My kids were up at 6 a.m. to search for eggs (which is good since they will be getting up early again for school tomorrow, ha ha).
The chicks are growing rapidly and getting a lot more feathers. Ryan and Morgan built twelve nesting boxes and moved them down to the coop, but the chicks will still have to stay in the house for a while. They're a lot like the guinea pigs, eating and pooping.
Our two new girls (now renamed Toffee and Jillian) are settling in well and getting into the routine. They squeak loudly at breakfast time and are eating veggies but aren't too interested in any fruit except for apples. I can't wait for the dandelion leaves to grow and for our garden to get under way so we can give them fresh goodies!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Update

Not much has been going on with the guinea pigs so I haven't posted in a while (although right now they are all squeaking at me, waiting for their midmorning snack). Jeana and Buttercup are still available for adoption; I called about Angus and Moo Moo and they are doing very well.
Ryan and I will continue working on the chicken coop...the chicks are growing really quickly. They eat LOTS and are growing new feathers every day. I was going to post pictures but we have been having issues with the computer again, so I am actually using my daughter's laptop right now.
We had Jeana out last night and she is so funny..we put her on the couch and she was crawling over and snuggling with our dog Lady. She has a great personality and I hope we can find her a home, but if not I won't be too upset!

Friday, April 8, 2011


I don't have pictures of them yet, but yesterday we went to TSC and picked up a dozen chicks. They're a few days old and are SO cute! Ryan and I will be working on their coop over the weekend, and in a few weeks they should be able to move in. Right now they are in an enclosure in my gym and Morgan is obsessed with them; I thought she might actually sleep in there last night! I know some people get "Easter chicks," but these guys aren't "pets." We're going to get lots of fresh eggs so we'll give them a nice house and feed them right. I'm so excited! :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Adopted! Angus and Moo Moo

Angus and Moo Moo went to their new home yesterday. The family loves animals and have owned many types of pets over the years. The boys have grown quite a bit in just the two weeks we've had them and I'm sure they will be well-loved by their new owner!
Of course, usually when we adopt out two, we end up getting two more in their place, so we'll wait and see!