Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Update

Not much has been going on with the guinea pigs so I haven't posted in a while (although right now they are all squeaking at me, waiting for their midmorning snack). Jeana and Buttercup are still available for adoption; I called about Angus and Moo Moo and they are doing very well.
Ryan and I will continue working on the chicken coop...the chicks are growing really quickly. They eat LOTS and are growing new feathers every day. I was going to post pictures but we have been having issues with the computer again, so I am actually using my daughter's laptop right now.
We had Jeana out last night and she is so funny..we put her on the couch and she was crawling over and snuggling with our dog Lady. She has a great personality and I hope we can find her a home, but if not I won't be too upset!

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