Thursday, March 15, 2012

March Update

Hopefully, Lotus will be home in the next day or two...her rectum prolapsed again today, so they are trying to fix it. Her bill has been covered and I want to thank EVERYONE who sent us donations...most people wouldn't even care about a sick guinea pig and I am so very grateful I have a handful of followers who do!!!
Noodles has gotten FAT...he is available for experienced guinea pig owners, preferably with no small children as he does tend to bite without provocation.
Blossom has been moved into the largest cage with four other females, and is getting along well with them despite some initial "fussing." Blossom's dad, Turbo, has been placed with Buttons, who lost his cagemate a few months ago and seemed to miss having a friend. They are also getting along well and Buttons seems much happier!