Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Oops! Adopted...Rocky!

I totally forgot to tell everyone that Rocky FINALLY found a home! A mom and her three kids came out to look at him; I did show them Kobe as well, but the youngest daughter fell in love with Rocky. They just lost their guinea pig and wanted another one, and I know he found a great home. Hooray!

Adopted! Rodney and Buttons

Rodney and Buttons went to their new home last night; the woman said their 2x5 cage wouldn't fit in her apartment, but I was able to give her a 2x3 so they weren't stuck in the smaller cage they had been living in. Foofer and Gobbles have been moved into the 2x5 and seem pretty happy about it.
I was contacted by an SU student who would like to use us for a multimedia project involving photos, video and an interview. It's good exposure for us, so I'm waiting for her to get back to me with a date and time. Her parents used to foster guinea pigs, so she's quite familiar with them and I think this will be a great project.
I did write to two people about taking their guinea pigs; one said she will keep me in mind and I have not yet heard from the other person. Now that we have adopted a few out, we do have a little more space...I just have to remind myself not to go crazy!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Goodbye Luigi :(

Luigi was adopted just a couple weeks ago, and unfortunately he passed away after only about a week. Like Newman, it was a mystery death..no signs of illness, etc. and he was in his own cage alone while he was here. I don't let piggies "intermingle," partly because some will fight (even females) and I don't want to risk spreading any unknown diseases, but Luigi never met Newman, so again I'm surprised and baffled to hear that a healthy young guinea pig died so suddenly.
On a better note, we do have a family coming out Friday evening to look for a guinea pig after theirs passed away a couple days ago. Not sure yet if they would like a pair or a single one; I would love to find Rocky a home, or possibly Rodney and Buttons. The two boys have not been getting along well since they came back here, probably because they are in a smaller cage for now (I don't have floor space for their 2x5); I have actually considered separating them if someone is interested, but I'm always reluctant to separate even unrelated males if they get along most of the time.
I can't remember if I wrote this, but we also got a new male named Kobe..he is very sweet and I would hate to give him up, but if someone falls in love with him I might have to. He's been watching TV with me, snuggling in my lap. He reminds me of a cow so I call him Kobe Beef, haha!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Being Lazy

I haven't uploaded any pictures, nor have I been updating the blog much this week...I've had this nasty violent coughing disease that I'm just getting over. For a while, people didn't recognize my voice when I answered the phone, it was that bad!
Anyway, I have not taken in any new guinea pigs, although there are quite a few on Craigslist now and I do not know the fate of the six at the SPCA. I will be at Tractor Supply again next Saturday with Rodney and Buttons; they are slowly adjusting to being back here but are still timid. We also have a young male crested, Kobe, who has the cutest markings (he reminds me of a cow) and is about a year old. His owners felt very badly about giving him up..they gave us everything that came with him, plus a bottle of wine! I love cresteds almost as much as Peruvians, so I think Kobe may be staying here.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Goodbye Newman

Newman died very suddenly and unexpectedly (but peacefully) earlier this afternoon. We have no idea what happened...unlike Giorgio, he wasn't losing weight and had a good appetite. He didn't show any signs of sickness, so we don't know what happened. I went to feed him his lunchtime carrot and he was lying in his cage, still warm. He was a sweet little guy and I'm sad that he had to leave us already.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Adopted! Luigi

A woman and her 8 year old son came out yesterday (right after we got Rodney and Buttons back) to look at adopting, and the little boy fell in love with Luigi. He was lying on the floor with Luigi on his stomach, and Luigi just sat there! He's very calm and quiet and enjoys being held, so I think he will be the perfect match for his new owner. I'm so glad Luigi has a new home..he was one of my best candidates for adoption and is such a sweet little guy!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Adopted! Ginger and Nutmeg

Ginger and Nutmeg have been adopted, and I removed them from our website today. I do have someone coming out possibly tomorrow to look at who we have left here. Rocky and Luigi went with me to Tractor Supply today, but there were no takers.