Monday, March 28, 2011

R.I.P. Malcolm

Just a couple short weeks after being adopted with his pal, Mort, Malcolm suddenly passed away with no indication that anything was wrong. His owner said he had been eating and drinking normally, and he was fine in the short time he was with us. Sometimes these things happen, but it's always sad to hear when one of our piggies passes, especially when the new family didn't have enough time to enjoy them. :(

Saturday, March 26, 2011

New Piggy...Jeana

I'm heading out to West Monroe in a bit to pick up Jeana, a black/white female. I was supposed to get Ginger today, but when I called the lady said she really wanted to keep her despite her allergies, so she changed bedding and is going to give Ginger the compressed hay cubes instead of loose hay. I also recommended she get some sisal toys Ginger can chew on. I'm glad the owner has decided to try to keep her; it's never good for guinea pigs to get shuffled around a lot.
So, as soon as I found out Ginger wasn't coming, I decided to take Jeana. Pictures will be posted soon!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Developments

A woman trying to find a new home for her female guinea pig, Ginger, asked if she could bring her here and of course we said yes, as we adopted out Bo and have a little room. I have also listed Buttercup as "available" after I spoke to her previous owner today; they have fallen on really rough times and most likely will not be able to take her back, so because she is young and healthy and has a great personality, we will try to find her a new home. Ginger will also be available shortly after arrival if anyone is interested; we will post pics when we get her.

Monday, March 21, 2011


Bo went to his new home yesterday, as a birthday present for a 12 year old boy. They drove all the way from Hannibal and had done lots of research ahead of time. Bo did end up biting my hand while I was holding him, but if you set him on the couch, he will just snuggle...he really is a sweet guy and we're going to miss him!
Angus and Moo Moo swapped cages with Bo, so the family could have an enclosed cage, and now the boys have more room to run around. They are SO loud!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Pig

Someone is coming out Saturday to look at piggies for adoption, but on the same day Ryan is meeting a friend of his to pick up a guinea pig we promised to take long ago. I have no idea if it's a boy or girl; all I know is that it's 4 years old, which is pushing it as far as being adoptable goes, but who knows. So, as usual, one piggy in, one piggy out!
Angus and Moo Moo are doing very well. They are VERY LOUD and constantly beg for food. I've put them on baby guinea pig pellets for a while. They are still nervous but with handling I'm sure they will warm up to people pretty quickly. I'm going to post more pics of them soon now that our computer is back.

Monday, March 7, 2011


I got in touch with a woman who is taking in seven guinea pigs from a hospice situation (the owner just passed away and the family has no interest in caring for them). I was asked to take the two six-week old boys, and fortunately we just got another large spare cage that will be perfect for them. As soon as we get them I will take pictures to post, and hopefully they will be adopted soon!
In the meantime, poor Bo hasn't had anyone interested; I have decided to place Mort and Malcolm up for adoption as well as we are again at capacity!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March is Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig Month!

It's true! There is now a month set aside to celebrate the adoption of rescued guinea pigs. So, if you or anyone you know has been thinking about getting one, skip the pet store and find a rescue group near doesn't have to be us (though that would be great). I'm always looking through Craigslist and many people do place ads for guinea pigs there, so it's just as good to get your new piggy from someone looking to find it a good home.