Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Goodbye Luigi :(

Luigi was adopted just a couple weeks ago, and unfortunately he passed away after only about a week. Like Newman, it was a mystery death..no signs of illness, etc. and he was in his own cage alone while he was here. I don't let piggies "intermingle," partly because some will fight (even females) and I don't want to risk spreading any unknown diseases, but Luigi never met Newman, so again I'm surprised and baffled to hear that a healthy young guinea pig died so suddenly.
On a better note, we do have a family coming out Friday evening to look for a guinea pig after theirs passed away a couple days ago. Not sure yet if they would like a pair or a single one; I would love to find Rocky a home, or possibly Rodney and Buttons. The two boys have not been getting along well since they came back here, probably because they are in a smaller cage for now (I don't have floor space for their 2x5); I have actually considered separating them if someone is interested, but I'm always reluctant to separate even unrelated males if they get along most of the time.
I can't remember if I wrote this, but we also got a new male named Kobe..he is very sweet and I would hate to give him up, but if someone falls in love with him I might have to. He's been watching TV with me, snuggling in my lap. He reminds me of a cow so I call him Kobe Beef, haha!

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  1. Ugh Jen, that stinks. I liked him. He was so cute and sweet.