Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Adopted! Rodney and Buttons

Rodney and Buttons went to their new home last night; the woman said their 2x5 cage wouldn't fit in her apartment, but I was able to give her a 2x3 so they weren't stuck in the smaller cage they had been living in. Foofer and Gobbles have been moved into the 2x5 and seem pretty happy about it.
I was contacted by an SU student who would like to use us for a multimedia project involving photos, video and an interview. It's good exposure for us, so I'm waiting for her to get back to me with a date and time. Her parents used to foster guinea pigs, so she's quite familiar with them and I think this will be a great project.
I did write to two people about taking their guinea pigs; one said she will keep me in mind and I have not yet heard from the other person. Now that we have adopted a few out, we do have a little more space...I just have to remind myself not to go crazy!

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