Wednesday, April 27, 2011

At Capacity

I just saw that Mary Green of CNY Piggies has written that she is full, and so are we. I've had two people call in the last two days asking me to take 3 guinea pigs, and I've unfortunately had to say no. I also removed my ad from Craigslist; I thought I would be able to take in more, but I received the two females and now I have no space for anyone new. I hate telling people no but I do have to know my limits.
Right now my only adoptable is Jeana; I had thought of adopting out Jazz but she is really neurotic and jumpy and would probably not make a good pet, especially for a child. I have a hard time grooming her as well. She's really cute though and I'm glad we will be keeping her.
So, if anyone out there would be interested in starting up their own guinea pig rescue, or at least fostering in this area, please let me know. Mary and I both have lots of info and could help someone get started and provide support along the way. The guinea pigs need your help!!

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