Thursday, September 15, 2011

RIP Jabby...More Guinea Pigs Arriving

Jabby died Tuesday night, very peacefully. We buried him in a little wooden coffin with some flowers.
We are getting Natasha, Olive, and Rocky this weekend as their owner is very allergic to their bedding and does not feel she has the time to care for them properly. I believe Rocky is about four years old, which is pushing it a bit for a guinea pig, but I will still list all three as available for adoption if anyone is interested.
We will be at Home Depot on Route 11 on Saturday, Oct. 1 from 10-2 as part of an event that is including rescues, hoping to get them some publicity. You can come pick up one or more of our new business cards, and possibly take home a furry friend! I will have applications available; you will need vet and personal references (the vet reference is just the name/number of a vet who can care for your guinea pig if it does get sick or injured).

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