Sunday, January 31, 2010

Stiiiiiillllll Waaaaiiiiiting...*sigh*

Before I update Poppy's status, I'm so excited to now have SEVEN followers! Eeeeeeeeee! (That's my high-pitched, excited sound...)
Anyhoo, I've been watching Poppy today (and I do need to upload some pics of her) and I can see the pups moving around inside her. She's keeping close to her food dish, and resting on top of her sleeping bag (she's too big to get inside it). I'd be willing to bet she will give birth within a day or two.
In other "news," the woman who adopted Miley generously donated a large cage, so I have moved my two oldest pigs, Moe and Joe, into their new home. They used to take turns using their igloo, but now there is enough room in their cage for TWO igloos, so they have been making use of both. I figured the big cage would be a good retirement home for them, ha!
The cage that Moe and Joe were in is also bigger than some of the other cages my piggies are living in, so I am thinking of upgrading Martini the next time I clean him out. I now have several empty, spare cages that are small, but can be used in case of emergencies, or as travel cages. Yesterday my husband and I were looking online at Morton great would it be to have my own guinea pig HOUSE someday?!
I promise new pics will be on here soon, possibly tonight, especially if babies arrive!!!

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