Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What About Rats?

I've had a few people ask if I have rats for adoption, or if I rescue them. I USED to; in fact, one of the first rescues we had when we moved out here was a pregnant rat that someone found on the side of the road (in a box, in the dark, while it was SNOWING). It was a miracle that she was found. All seven of her babies were female; I adopted out two, and the others all stayed here until they passed away.
I like rats, and I think they make excellent pets, despite the public's general phobia about them. I've owned quite a few in the last six years, and even adopted three from the CNYSPCA when they had several dozen. I was down to four a few weeks ago, then suddenly lost three to old age, so I have one female remaining, and I don't plan on taking anymore because the guinea pig rescue has gotten so huge.
However, if anyone is interested in rats, I do know someone who does rescue and adoption, and I will pass on her e-mail if you contact me. Like guinea pigs, many rats end up in shelters or rescues, and they need our help as much as any other type of animal!

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