Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Reaching the Limit

Every day I go on Craigslist to see what's going on as far as people giving animals up, and lately there have been an alarming number of guinea pigs being sold or given away. I used to respond to most of these ads; I would at least offer our rescue as an alternative to taking the guinea pigs to a shelter, or worse. (Believe it or not, some guinea pigs end up being let go into the wild, thrown in the trash, left out at the curb, etc.)
At this point, I have a hard time telling anyone no, but I'm also maxed out with guinea pigs for the moment. Adoptions have slowed, but the demand for rehoming is always there. I am literally running out of space in my house.
I never thought the need for a guinea pig rescue would be so great, but as each year goes by, I find the need even GREATER. I am always willing to help in any way I can, but because I am the only cavy rescue in the area, I end up with so many...a few people have volunteered to foster, but we really need more help. If you've ever considered getting a guinea pig, and just want to try it out and provide a temporary home, please contact me.

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