Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I've been talking about applying for NY nonprofit status for, oh, probably about a year now, so today I printed out my certificate of application and MAILED IT along with my fee...hooray!!! Now, let's all hope I did it right and get accepted...
I applied under the name Cloverleaf Farm, as we do take in other abused, neglected or abandoned animals (including goats, feral cats, llamas, etc.). What I am hoping is that once we get our nonprofit status, we will add a "donate" button to this site and set up an account that will be used exclusively for our animals. This will also enable us to keep track of our expenses regarding all our animal welfare stuff. The nonprofit status will also enable donors to put their donations on their tax returns, whether those donations are monetary or material (food, bedding, cages, supplies, etc.). Lastly, I feel it will finally make us "legit" on paper, in case anyone has questions about what we do.
What I want to make absolutely sure of is that our donors know that their generosity will NEVER be abused, and is always appreciated. Today I received a large bag of pellets, two bags of timothy hay and an outdoor enclosure from someone who adopted from us; they are moving (taking our piggie Gizmo to Austin, TX with them) and thought of us when they needed to give away the cage. Now our piggies will have a shady outdoor place to play when the weather gets better!

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