Saturday, January 23, 2010

Still Waiting...

We are still awaiting the arrival of Poppy's litter. Tomorrow I am picking up a 2x4 C&C cage at a discounted price from our friends at Piggy Bed Spreads, and I think I will move Poppy into it so that she and her kids will have plenty of room. I have one person lined up to take a baby, but obviously I don't know how many we will have, and they may be staying here for awhile, so I want to make sure everyone has lots of space.
Right now Poppy is so chubby she can barely squeeze into her igloo, but she is eating well (she's gotten a lot less fussy). As soon as the pups arrive I will post pictures. This will be Poppy's LAST litter (hooray!) and then we will see about Miley, who had been living with Casey before I got them. Miley is so young, I'm really hoping she's not pregnant as well, but we know how guinea pigs are! :)

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