Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Ok, so I went to give the wounded baby a bath this afternoon and found that the wound had gotten about five times LARGER. I'm thinking, what the hell? It wasn't that big this morning..
So, I watched Poppy and the babies after the bath, and saw that POPPY was biting the baby and making the wound LARGER.
After much thought, I decided to separate the now-named Nova into her (?) own cage, and she will go to the vet tomorrow (they were closed by the time I called this afternoon). All the babies have been eating solid food. It came down to leaving her with a mom that was picking her apart, or taking a chance on letting her heal a little bit overnight with some food in there (baby carrots and lettuce) in the hope of getting her to the vet tomorrow. The wound is open, but relatively clean..the cage has no shavings in it, and I gave her the sleeping bag to keep warm. I did see her eating pellets, and I put some vitamins in the water bottle, just in case. I'm hoping she will at least survive tonight so that we can get her the help she needs. Please say a little prayer; I don't want to lose another baby!!!

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