Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Who Stays,Who Goes? Part Two

After reading over my last post, I realized I didn't completely answer the "who stays, who goes" question. Long story short, a guinea pig MAY be adopted out if:
1. It is relatively friendly (although some jumpiness can be worked around with time)
2. It is healthy.
3. It is NOT pregnant.
4. It is not a chronic biter.
5. It is not too old. (I consider 3 to be pushing it.)
As far as the "who stays" part, long-haired piggies are an additional concern for me. I have adopted out some silkies to people who have had prior experience, or who have done their research and know they will need to be brushed/trimmed on a regular basis. As for Peruvians, I've taken in two, and they have remained here because 1. They do require more grooming and are often subject to neglect, and 2. Anyone who knows me knows I have a MASSIVE weakness for Peruvians. I may be getting another one soon..will keep you posted!

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