Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas 2009

First of all, let me wish a warm Happy Holidays to everyone! Right now I'm wondering how all the kids whose parents adopted guinea pigs from me are enjoying their new little friends. I know a lot of them had to keep the adoption a secret, so I hope everything worked out!
I cannot say thank you enough to a whole host of people who have adopted guinea pigs, contributed supplies, or just said a few kind words about the rescue and the website. This was a stellar year for adoptions, with a total of 55 guinea pigs finding new homes in 2009 alone! I have met many wonderful folks on this amazing journey as the rescue has grown. I also received my first Christmas guinea pig card/'s so cute, I want to frame it and keep it up all year long! (Thanks to Patty and her family for that.) I have had so many people help out when I was stuck taking piggies without cages, water bottles, etc. and no words can truly express how deeply I appreciate everything that's been done for me and the animals.
And because all 26 of my remaining piggies were so good this year, they all got treats! Santa brought them bags of snacks and carrot sticks, which my kids found on top of some of the cages this morning. On the downside, our well pump died and we are having it replaced right now, but we have no running water! I had to melt some snow and ice cubes to fill water bottles today. Hopefully things will be fixed before we have our Christmas dinner!
So hopefully you guys who follow the blog are doing something ELSE right now, but when you come back, you can be sure I'll keep everyone posted on all our furries. Merry Christmas!!!

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