Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Look Back at 2009

I realize the holidays are a busy time, so for the next few weeks, I will probably post every other day, and although I still have some young guinea pigs for adoption, I feel it's better to wait until everyone has more time and is more relaxed before I start the adoption "push" again!
Going over my records, I see that 2009 was a fantastic year for adoptions. In 2008, when we became a rescue, we adopted out 11 guinea pigs; this year, we adopted out 48! In the last six years we have taken in 98 total, and when our babies arrive next week, that will push us well over the 100 mark, which is pretty much what I expected. Although many people wanted to get guinea pigs for their families this holiday season, many others gave them up. I've seen quite a few on Craigslist lately, and I usually contact folks who need new homes for their guinea pigs, but in the last couple weeks I haven't heard anything. All I can hope is that these animals find their new forever homes, whether or not they end up here.
Also in 2009, we only said one final farewell when Wally suddenly passed away. I have some real old-timers here, and fortunately they continue to hang in there. My two oldest, Moe and Joe (a father/son pair of teddies) are losing more of their hair as they age. These days they just like to hang out in their igloo and chat with their "neighbors," Buttercup and Prescott. Prescott went through another 8-day round of foot-soaking, and it will be at least another week or two before his second foot heals completely. He's a real trooper and accepts his treaments pretty calmly. Rodney and Buttons are getting along wonderfully after being placed together; I haven't heard any fighting, though they are both still pretty shy.
So, I will continue to post pics of new arrivals and keep everyone updated on our goings-on here. My Christmas shopping is all done (my husband Ryan's, however, is not..ha ha!), so I am going to give all my furries some extra love and gear up for Christmas Day!

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