Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Naming Your Guinea Pig

Naming guinea pigs is one of my absolute FAVORITE things about having them! If they already have cool names, I keep them (Pork Chop and Gravy were two of my favorites, as well as Martini, who arrived today). For a while, because I work in a bakery, I was on a "sugar kick,"
using names like Brownie, Cookie, Oreo, and Caramel. On a few rare occasions, I do get piggies whose names have been "forgotten," were not named at all, or were just called "Piggy." Sometimes I ask my kids to help with names (they've chosen Moe and Joe, Tootsie and Trixie, Sweet and Sour), or I start getting creative (Taco and Chili, Salty, Wooly and Willy). For some strange reason, I do not like to repeat names, so I have changed a few to accomodate this weird quirk of mine.
So, when choosing a name for your guinea pig, watch it for a while and see what its personality is like. Find out what its favorite foods are, whether or not it chews a lot, if it "popcorns" frequently. Get to know your little friend, and you'll find a great name in no time!

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