Sunday, December 27, 2009


I warned my husband, Ryan, about the upcoming "flood." Although many guinea pigs went out as Christmas presents, more will be arriving here soon...for example...
Monday at 11 am, I am meeting someone all the way in Canastota to adopt out Duff, and in return I am taking a guinea pig who is a chronic biter. I guess he's so bad, his young owner can't handle him, but the boy still wants a guinea pig, so he will be taking Duff, and I will get "Fang," who will become a permanent resident here.
At 1 pm, Buttercup is going to her new home.
At 2 pm, I am driving to Oswego to pick up two more male guinea pigs from someone who is severely allergic to them (they were a gift).
In addition, I may be getting yet another guinea pig, but more on that as information arrives. I will post pictures tomorrow evening when I get settled in!

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  1. Read about your site on guineapigcages forum. Just had to say that my online personal is "Duff" from the guinea pig boards, the Taylor Hicks boards, etc. Your Duff is a gorgeous guy, looks like my "Busy" ! Good luck with your rescue. I know it must be tons of work, but it is great there are people willing to do this for the little furry critters.