Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Ok, here is my schedule for the week:
Today: Met someone to pick up two guinea pigs I wasn't expecting (but they did come with cages!).
Tomorrow: Buy used cage for less than half price because I'm going to need it by the end of the week.
Thursday: Hopefully get my five little babies, because...
Friday: Someone is coming out to meet Rodney and Buttons, but may want some of the babies..not sure yet..and then...
Saturday: Early afternoon, a family is coming out to pick out 1-2 guinea pigs.
SO, the rest of my week is pretty much full of guinea pig related activities! (Not including feeding, cage cleaning, cuddles, and the rest of the stuff we already do around here!)
AND, with the arrival of "Bert and Ernie" tonight, we have officially reached the 100 guinea pig mark! It wasn't a "goal," I just knew at the rate we were going that we would definitely reach this point by or before the end of the year. I am blessed to have had the chance to help out so many animals. My goal for 2010 is to FINALLY get my nonprofit paperwork filed; in fact, I'd like to do it before December 31.
I will post pictures of Bert and Ernie after they have some time to settle in; they will most likely not be put up for adoption because their original owners sent them to a shelter where they got stuck for two months before a friend of mine took them and then passed them on to me. They are both adorable and very calm, despite the circumstances, and I wouldn't feel right bouncing them on to yet another home.

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