Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Guinea Pig Babies

If you house a male and female guinea pig together, they WILL breed. A female's gestation period is about 70 days; babies ("pups") come out ready to go, with all their fur and the ability to eat solid food from day one. They are usually weaned at 4-5 weeks, but male offspring can impregnate the mom at THREE weeks of age. In addition, if the father and mother are not separated when you know she is pregnant, she will go into "postpartum estrus" for 2-14 hours IMMEDIATELY after birth, and if she is with a male there is an 80 percent chance she will get pregnant AGAIN.
Never take the word of a pet store if that's where you get your piggies. I learned to tell the difference between male vs. female at (see link at left). ALWAYS sex two guinea pigs before putting them together, or you will have more than you counted on!
Why do I bring this up? Might be getting some babies soon...details later! :)

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