Sunday, December 6, 2009

Coming Under Fire

Every once in a while, I get negative comments about what I do as a guinea pig rescue. This usually happens when I find someone looking to rehome their guinea pig(s), and I offer the rescue as a "last resort," in case they DON'T find a good home. Some folks are actually offended by this, saying their pets don't need to be "rescued." What they don't understand is that "rescue" is an alternative to placing a pet in a shelter. The vast majority of my guinea pigs came from people who were just trying to find them a new home; most of them were well-cared for before they came here. They were given up because of a lack of time, money, attention, etc.
Anyway, I wanted to let everyone who sees this site know what I am NOT.
1. First and foremost, I am NOT a breeder, period. There are plenty of guinea pigs out there who need homes without me having to breed more to adopt out.
2. I am not a guinea pig "seller." I do not even ATTEMPT to make money on my adoptions.
3. I am not a guinea pig "collector." Collectors (or hoarders) scoop up animals from anywhere and anyone, then keep them because it's "cool" to keep exotic animals, or untold numbers of cats or dogs. My greatest concern is always the welfare of the animal. I do not "collect" them. I DO adopt some to new homes, but many of my current guinea pigs are too old, sick or traumatized to go to new homes.
I am always open to questions, and anyone who wants to see my farm or my animals can make an appointment to come out and do so. I also have a VERY long list of references, both personal and via the rescue, which I am willing to provide at any time. And anytime you wonder what I "do" with my guinea pigs, go to the top of the website and read my mission statement.

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