Thursday, November 5, 2009

R.I.P. Wally

Hi everyone..wanted to let you know that although he wasn't posted on here, we lost our little friend Wally today. Wally came to me with Chet (adopted yesterday) and Frosted. I'm not always sure of a guinea pig's age when they come to me; I assumed Wally was around 3, and he had pea-eye, but this is a harmless, untreatable fatty deposit inside the eye. He always had a good appetite, and didn't show any signs of illness before his sudden death. My main concern now is for his cagemate, Frosted, who was the less shy of the two. I will keep an eye on Frosted, and hopefully we can place him with a new friend, as he is not used to being alone. Wally will be buried tomorrow at our farm. He was much loved, and will be missed. (I could not find a good picture of him; he was a short-haired tri-color American.)

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