Thursday, November 12, 2009

Too Many Guinea Pigs?

I started this rescue with a father/son pair six years ago. Since then, 91 guinea pigs have come and gone from our farm. Right now I have 27, and many people are shocked when they hear that number. I've had as many as 34 at a time. I never expected there would be such a need for this type of rescue. It's hard work, and at times heartbreaking, but I'm proud of our little rescue and how it has grown.
I have to thank my friend Charlotte, who used to take in guinea pigs for the CNYSPCA. I adopted several from her before joining her in the rescue movement. Together we've taken in untold numbers of guinea pigs. In turn, I also got another person named Carole involved. I think Carole was surprised at how many people wanted to give up their guinea pigs, and she may have gotten a bit overwhelmed, but she has a good heart and jumped into this with both feet right from the start.
Twenty seven guinea pigs is a lot, yes, but I'd rather keep taking as many as I can than see them go to shelters or be abandoned. I realize that times are hard, and people are giving up all sorts of pets because they can't afford to care for them anymore for whatever reason. I am always able to take in any guinea pigs that need a home, so feel free to refer people in need to this site.

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