Thursday, November 26, 2009

Holiday Wish List

Wanted to write a quick note before I leave later this the last few months I've had to take in quite a few guinea pigs who did not come with cages and certain other things I like them to have, so if anyone has any of these items they'd like to donate to the rescue, it would be much appreciated! They don't even have to be new or clean; we can fix them up here.
Medium to large cages (big enough for two guinea pigs)
Igloos (or chewable huts or anything else they can hide in)
Large water bottle holders (I have bottles but no holders for them)
Heavy crock dishes
We're close to a feed store that sells food and bedding, so we can get those anytime, but I like the new arrivals to have all they need to feel comfortable when they first get here!

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