Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Another Guinea Pig Rescue Site

Last night I was surfing through guinea pig sites and stumbled across Have a Heart Rescue in Florence, NJ. Apparently, this is not too far from my relatives' house in Cherry Hill. After looking at some of their available guinea pigs on Petfinder.com, I found that they have a female Peruvian (Yoshi) up for adoption, who is in a foster home in Philadelphia. Anyone who knows me knows I have a MAJOR weakness for long-haired guinea pigs (my two males, Jabbie and Giorgio, are not up for adoption because of said weakness!). I'm hoping that when I go down to Cherry Hill for Thanksgiving, I will be bringing back a new guinea pig!
If you get a chance to check out the website, it's amazing. Last year they took in about 140 guinea pigs that were being given away for free by a breeder. The pictures are not pretty. These animals were very badly neglected, leading to skin, eye and respiratory conditions. I'm sure there were many more health issues; fortunately, ALL of them found loving new homes! I know I've taken in a lot of guinea pigs over the years, but I can't imagine rescuing over one hundred! If you know anyone in the NJ/PA area looking for a new pet, please refer them to this site.

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