Monday, November 30, 2009

Adoption Process

A lot of people have questions about our adoption process, so here it is...
I do require all adopters to sign a contract and pay an adoption fee, to ensure the guinea pig is going to a good home and can be returned to me at anytime instead of being passed on to someone else (in fact, I would prefer that they come back to me, even if I have a lot). Females are not adopted out if we know they are pregnant; all guinea pigs are adopted out healthy, and upon adoption the adopter becomes responsible for all subsequent medical care. I am always available to answer any questions at anytime about guinea pig care and behavior, so I welcome any communication after adoption. And of course, we love to get pictures!
I try to make the adoption process as simple and pleasant as possible. Some people have adopted guinea pigs without first meeting them, but I do like to have folks come out to our farm and see which piggies "click" with them. They all have different personalities and quirks. I always make a follow-up call or e-mail one week after adoption to see how things are going. Most people who adopt from us have already done research and know what they are getting into; many have built their own large CC cages.
Adoption fees are generally $30 for a single pig (cage/accessories included), $40 for two, $15 if you already have a cage. These fees may vary depending on how old the guinea pig is and the size/condition of the cage.

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