Sunday, August 1, 2010

Revolving Door of Rescue...

Well, my dining room floor did not stay empty for long..we now have TWO males. We were expecting one but the owner decided at the last minute to bring both, so they are in separate cages next to each other and are named Mario and Luigi. Pics as soon as I can get some...
I also had a friend who does rescue contact me hoping I could take a few of her guinea pigs as she is totally overwhelmed and facing health issues, so I agreed to take two, which will put us back at 28 guinea pigs. In the next few days, expect to see new pictures and descriptions..hopefully I can get a few more adopted out.
We also received another surprise friend...someone pulled in yesterday and randomly gave us a rooster, now named Bubba. Bubba is very young and has been in and out of the barn inspecting his new home..he's actually kinda cool!

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