Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New Blog

As you may have noticed, I have added a link to a new blog called CNY Piggies. It has just been created by a woman in Oneida who has decided to get into rescue...hooray! We certainly need more people in the central NY area to do guinea pig rescue! She already has several piggies for adoption, so if you live closer to Oneida than Oswego, check out her site.
Adoptions have slowed down; I was hoping to hear from a few people this week about coming out to meet everyone, but it's been pretty quiet. Mario and Luigi are still nervous but settling into the routine. I had to crank the AC today because of the heat; everyone has been pretty listless so I'm trying to cool the house down and we're making sure all the water bottles are full.

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  1. Thanks Jennifer, The new guys are doing well, coming out a little more and actually exploring their toys and variety of food. I bathed 2 of them today who had matted hair (just a little) and we had thought the white one just had a really dirty face, but turns out he is just grey there, LOL.