Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Mario just left for his new home as a companion for a younger male guinea pig. He has a great personality and is a loud squeaker, and he's going to a great home with someone who's adopted from us before. Hooray!
I just took in two very young Peruvian females, Dora and Joslin. Dora is lilac, like Jabbie, and Joslin is solid black. They're GORGEOUS and right now are very scared...they're not even eating much of the fresh veggies being offered. I'm sure with time they'll get into our routine and will start eating everything we put in front of them!
I still haven't decided who to take with me to Tractor Supply; probably Luigi, maybe Taz again, but someone else is coming out here to adopt tomorrow evening. I'll have to see who's left!

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