Thursday, March 25, 2010

When Adoption Fails

Although I have had a HUGE number of adoptions over the last two years, in the past few months I have had eight guinea pigs who were adopted out get returned. The reasons and circumstances varied widely, and led me to rewrite my adoption contract (I know I've mentioned that before). I was frustrated and angry with several of the people who returned guinea pigs I thought I'd found a forever home for, but my main concern is always for the animal's welfare. In some cases, this also means that a guinea pig that is returned to me may not be a candidate for adoption again.
I am never in a rush to adopt out a guinea pig. At this point, only Pinot and Duff are good candidates for adoption. Indigo and Buttercup have issues that most people might not be able to deal with. I have several guinea pigs who do not like being handled, and I cannot in good faith adopt them out to anyone. Both Milo and Gobbles' previous owners have requested that they remain in my care, and I will honor those requests (Milo is going on 5 years old now).
My experiences over the last few months have made me very hesitant to adopt out again, but since adoptions have pretty much come to a screeching halt, that probably won't be a problem. All I can say is that I will always take back a guinea pig if things aren't working out..that is written in my application and that has always been my stance. I never knew there would be such a need for guinea pig rescue, and that includes taking animals back when adoption fails.

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