Thursday, March 4, 2010

Update on Casey (now Carl)

I wish I'd had my camera when I went to Animal Kingdom for a vet appointment (for my dogs) and got to see Casey (renamed Carl) for the first time since he got adopted. If you remember, he came to me with Miley and was from a horrible breeder in Pulaski. He looks AMAZING! His fur has grown in thick and full, and he has not only grown but put on some weight. I am always so happy to see guinea pigs blossom in the right household! He is obviously being well taken care of, and has much improved since I saw him last!
In other news, Mozy and my three girls (Violet, Lily and Daisy) have ALL found new homes and will be leaving this weekend. As much as I love them all, they are my most adoptable, and I'm glad to see them go to people who will love them just as much. Duff-man will be going with me to Tractor Supply next Saturday; at this point, I don't have many other candidates for adoption. He is young, healthy and friendly and will hopefully make a good impression!

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