Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Developments

As usual, it's like a revolving door with guinea pigs around here, haha! I believe I have found a home for Mozy, the last baby from Poppy's litter. My daughter took him out last night and pushed him around in her little doll carriage..very cute, and I got a picture that I will post later today.
I will also be posting pics of the three females I fostered out some time ago. The foster mom is having some family health issues, and needs to return them to me. I had named them Violet (the mom), Lily and Daisy. It is possible that one may be pregnant (of course) as they had been kept with the male babies for some time, so we may have another litter in the near future..*sigh* I was hoping not to go through this again so soon after Poppy but oh well, that's what we do best! :)
Indigo is healing well physically and slowly coming around mentally. Now that her wounds have closed up, I need to start holding her on a daily basis without giving her medications, etc. so that she realizes being held is not a bad thing. Today was the first day she came out for breakfast time. She spends almost all of her time inside the igloo, even moving it with her to eat from her food bowl and drink from her bottle. It's really sad, and I don't want to adopt her out again because she's so traumatized. Hopefully with lots of love she will come around.

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