Friday, March 19, 2010

Quick Update

I know I promised a picture of Phoenix, and I should probably post a better one of Gobbles because she is sooo cute, but today was my last day working at the bakery and I am EXHAUSTED. I ran out to get more fleece from Martha, who runs Piggy Bed Spreads, so now I have some extra pieces to put in my smaller cages. Jabby and Giorgio are now on the one she let me keep after going to Tractor Supply and they both seem to like it!
Prescott continues to get his medications and foot soaks. Bumblefoot takes a long time to heal up and I still need to get him a foam pad for underneath his newspapers. I've been changing the papers every day. He's not as cooperative as he was during the first round of treatment; I'm sure he's fed up with all of it, but obviously it needs to be done.
Indigo continues to make more "social" progress. Her skin still seems a little itchy with her new hair growing back in, so every other day I put skin balm on her and hold her for a little while.
Twix and Jack, two of my older males, have been moved into Taco and Chili's much larger cage. They had been living in a 55 gallon critter tank, which I cleaned out and sold. The big cage also got a thorough cleaning before moving the boys in, and they love having the extra space. (Oh, geez, I forgot to mention that Taco did end up passing away shortly after Chili did, and they are buried together on our farm. Taco kept taking his Dri-Tail but succumbed to the illness after a couple days.)
I'm seeing a lot of guinea pigs on Craigslist right now, but I am out of larger cages and don't know if I can take any more in. Fortunately, I have cut down on both food and bedding expenses (Tractor Supply sells a 50 lb. bag of Blue Seal for $16, where I was paying $14 for a 25 lb. bag) so it will not cost me as much to care for all my little furries, but I'm also not compromising on their health or comfort. I would like to switch a few more over to fleece eventually.

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