Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Update...Website Changes

Ok, I have changed the list of names to show who is available and who has been adopted. If neither is next to a name, that guinea pig (or pigs) is a permanent resident. These are guinea pigs that do not like being handled, are too old, or have long-term health problems. ONLY the ones who have "available" next to their names are truly available.
I have also posted the adoption fees, so that everyone has them up-front.
In other news, there has been a lot of interest in Tom and Jerry now that their new pictures are up! Someone is coming out to meet them in the next day or two, so we will see what happens and of course I will keep everyone posted. Anyone who has considered Tom and Jerry would probably like Rocky and Rascal...those two boys are super-friendly and love attention! They are also around the same age as Tom and Jerry, from what I can tell.

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