Saturday, July 24, 2010


We got home from NJ a little while ago, and I have been catching up with everyone as it seems that whenever I leave town, everyone wants to give up or get guinea pigs!
Tom and Jerry are being adopted out tomorrow afternoon. I am also getting two more new piggies, not sure yet if they are boys or girls and what they look like. I have two other people interested in adopting, so I have been sending out the application to make sure they are ready to handle having a pair of guinea pigs. I see that there are some folks on Craigslist giving away or selling guinea pigs, so I just posted a new ad for the rescue and we'll see what happens.
I'm glad to be home with all my furries! Ryan did an excellent job of caring for everyone while I was gone..even washed fleeces. Thanks honey!! :)
(P.S. His coworkers that read this blog will be laughing now!)


  1. Hooray for Tom and Jerry! :)
    I am about to switch from fleece-and-towel bedding to an all-in-one pad design that I came up with, and I will have a lot of towels to donate, along with the donation money from my etsy shop. Would you be able to use, like, 15 bath towels?