Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sidetracking...Say NO to the Bion Plant in Oswego County!!!

I realize this has nothing to do with guinea pigs, but I wanted to help get the word out about the proposed ethanol plant/slaughterhouse that Bion wants to build not too far from our farm. They say it is a "closed-loop" system, which uses waste from one part to help fuel the other. That may be partially true, but the real truth is no matter how "closed" it is, you can't contain the smell of 72,000 cattle a year!
These things are bad for the soil, water, air, our health, and the animals. The proposal has already been rejected in St. Lawrence County; that county and ours are two of the poorest in New York State. People here are desperate for jobs, but what would the long-term health effects be after working in such a place?
For more information, please visit You can read news articles and get information on how to help. We got our protest lawn signs a couple days ago...I feel like such an activist!! haha

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