Thursday, June 10, 2010


I figured I'd better do an entry on the blog today, while it's quiet...the girls' birthday party is Saturday, so we will be busy getting everything ready tomorrow and Saturday morning.
Gobbles and Foofer are now living together; they each have an igloo so they can get away from each other if needed, but aside from the first day, they are getting along well. Putting them together enabled me to free up two more medium-sized Marchioro cages, so if there's an emergency and I need to take multiple piggies, I can.
However, at this point I have had to turn people away (or at least have them wait) until I can adopt out more guinea pigs. I know this is a slow time for adoptions; people are outdoors and busy doing summertime activities. We will be piggy-sitting in July for two girls that were adopted out almost two years ago; they are on a Christmas card I got which is just too cute!
On another note, I am sad to announce that the magazine I had been writing for, Kritter Kronickles, had to fold after someone hacked into all their computer information, including their account. Except for their first issue, I wrote articles for them on a range of topics in every other issue they put out. I'm very sad that this happened to them, and I hope their dog grooming business takes off to help offset their loss.

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