Friday, June 4, 2010

Musical Pigs!

I got a large cage yesterday, plus a new C&C cage on Tuesday, so we get to play "Musical Pigs" over the weekend. I introduced Gobbles and Foofer...Gobbles pretty much ran and hid from Foof, who could have cared less..she just kept munching away on grass while I had them outside. I also got two new males who are in a cage that is just too small for two grown boys, so they will be moving into the large cage I just got, and I will have to move a few more piggies into new locations, so we will be busy!
Our garden is growing well after all the rain, and we just planted some flowering dogwood trees in the yard as well. And of course, I'm out "harvesting" dandelion leaves for everyone..they get very squeaky whenever I go in and out of the house!

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