Monday, May 3, 2010

Spring Has Arrived!

I have been woefully behind in updating the blog, mostly because there really is nothing going on here. The biggest development has been the explosion of dandelion growth, which means FRESH GREENS for all the piggies! I refer to dandelion leaves as "guinea pig crack," since they can't seem to get enough of them! Every time we go in or out the door now, everyone starts squeaking for a treat!
Fortunately, I have a very big yard, so I gather greens twice a day (weather permitting), and everyone is enjoying the spoils. I took Indigo and Gobbles out for some cuddles this evening, sitting on the back deck and getting some fresh air. I'm looking forward to using my outdoor enclosure soon, when the weather starts getting more consistent.
Again, I will post more on this as the date gets closer, but we will be back at Tractor Supply in Clay on Rts. 31 and 57 on Saturday, May 15. This time I am bringing several guinea pigs available for adoption, and I am going to type up some informational sheets to bring along with me to get the word out about our rescue and about guinea pig care.

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