Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Reasons NOT to Get a Guinea Pig

After having several guinea pigs returned to me, I realized that (as with many pets) people may not be prepared to bring them into their homes and give them a lifetime of proper care. So, here is my list of reasons for NOT getting a guinea pig:
1. You don't like getting your hands dirty. (which translates into, you don't like cleaning cages, touching poop, possibly giving baths, brushing your guinea pig or getting peed on occasionally)
2. You don't like noisy little beggars. Guinea pigs get used to a feeding schedule, and will squeak LOUDLY to get your attention, and a treat.
3. You don't like cuddling. Guinea pigs love to snuggle in your lap or on your chest.
4. You don't like animals that shed. (self-explanatory)
5. You can't afford to take your guinea pig to the vet if it gets sick, because it will probably cost you more than a dog or cat visit, and you have to find a vet who will treat exotic animals.
6. You're allergic to hay. Guinea pigs MUST have hay in their diet.
7. You want to keep it in the smallest cage possible to save space and money. Guinea pigs NEED space to run around and, well, act like guinea pigs.
So, if you don't find any of these things appealing in the least, a guinea pig is not for you!

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