Monday, April 5, 2010

Guinea Pigs and the Central NY SPCA

When I started taking in guinea pigs six years ago, I got a few from someone who would pick them up from the CNYSPCA in Mattydale for free, then she would place an ad in the paper and accept a $15 donation to the SPCA. Apparently things have changed a lot since then; now the shelter is charging over $30 per guinea pig (Lollypop Farm in Fairport asks $15 apiece). That's the same price as most pet stores!
I have also heard stories of wounded guinea pigs not receiving medical care, and someone who donated fresh carrots found out later that they were all given to the rabbits and none to the guinea pigs that were there.
I certainly don't expect the SPCA to give guinea pigs away for free; I know they need money and the staff is very overworked, but I do believe the animals all need to be taken care of. Part of me wants to try to give them a hand, but part of me is unhappy (with the guinea pig and other situations) to the point where I almost don't want to deal with them at all. On top of all this, I physically do not have anymore room in my house to take in more pigs at this point, so if I do decide to work with the SPCA it would have to be put on hold until I have more space.


  1. My main beef with the CNYSPCA is that the atmosphere there whenever I go is awkward and unfriendly--I have been to several CNY shelters and this one was by far the least friendly/helpful. I have tried working with them--volunteer, foster, through other rescues that I work with--and only ONCE have I ever received an email or phone call from them. Trying to communicate with them is like pulling teeth.
    They have a gentleman who works exclusively with the rabbits but no one there really knows anything about the guinea pigs/rats, etc.

  2. I agree..I used to volunteer for them and then when the director left, I never heard from them again. I've heard numerous people complain that the staff is unfriendly/not helpful, and it's sad because it really should be about getting these animals into great homes.