Thursday, May 20, 2010

News and Blues This Week

Ok, so the news is that Juan will be fostered by a friend of mine (who may convince her husband to keep him, but we'll see!). She makes the Piggy Bed Spreads, so I know he would be well-taken care of and will probably even get a bigger cage. Franky and Doug are going to their new home Saturday afternoon; right now they are in my gym, as I didn't have any other place for them. I know I tell people that when I start putting guinea pigs in my gym, I will need an intervention, but this is TEMPORARY!
On the blues side, someone called me very early yesterday morning, asking if I had any space in the rescue (right now, I don't). She told me her guinea pig was injured, and her husband didn't want her to take him to the vet because it would "cost money." Well, of COURSE it will cost money! But that's what you do when your pet is hurt...I told her she HAD to take him to the vet. I'm afraid to think what happened to him, I just hope she did the right thing and he isn't suffering.
I just want to remind anyone who comes across this blog that just because I am a rescue does not mean I receive funding from anyone, nor am I a vet. I cannot give emergency medical treatment, nor can I always afford to do so. This is why I rewrote my application; anyone who wants to surrender a guinea pig MUST have it taken to a vet if it is severely ill or injured. If you have the money to buy an animal and its supplies, you must also be willing to pay for its medical care if needed.

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