Thursday, May 6, 2010


Ryan and I are going away for a bit for our anniversary, so I've been busy all day washing fleeces, etc. to make sure everyone will be clean for the next couple days. Also, against my better judgment, I am taking in one more male. His owner is moving, and the guinea pig is visually impaired, so I'm concerned that he may end up somewhere that would not be able to care for him properly. His name is Steve, and we are picking him up on our way back home Sunday. Because he is partially blind, Steve will be a permanent resident not available for adoption. This will be the first time I've had a semi-blind guinea pig, so I want to make sure he is comfortable and doesn't continue to get moved around.
However, I am hoping that next weekend, I will find a home or two for a couple guinea pigs going to Tractor Supply with me. I called Pinot's new owners, and he is doing very well, and probably getting more attention than he was here with so many other piggies.
I was also very blessed today to receive a small donation of fleece and a check from a person who has been reading my articles in Kritter Kronickles, and after checking out this site, she wanted to help. I sincerely appreciate everything everyone has done for our little donation is ever too small!
So, I will update the blog again when we return, and post pics of our new resident!

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