Monday, October 26, 2009

Why do people give up guinea pigs?

People give up guinea pigs for most of the same reasons they give up cats and dogs. They cite allergies, not having enough time, kids have lost interest, can't afford it, moving, etc. After purchasing guinea pigs, most people realize within a few months whether or not the pet was a good fit for their family. Unfortunately, most of these guinea pigs are still young, some only a few months old. Guinea pigs live between 4-8 years, so giving up a young guinea pig means you will have to find a home willing to care for them until they pass away.

Now that the movie "G-Force" has come and gone, so have many guinea pigs. We have taken in many young cavies that were no doubt part of the movie's fallout. Before anyone decides to either buy or adopt a guinea pig, they need to do the research to make sure the animal is a good fit for the family. Like dogs and cats, every guinea pig has its own individual personality. It's best to take the time to get acquainted with your new pet BEFORE you decide to make a purchase or go through with an adoption.

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